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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Final Chapter.

By Jueseppi B.

I have now been in my new apartment for going on the third month, and this is like being reborn. I can not express what it means to have the safety and security of your own home, be it a one room apartment, a five bedroom house or a 20 bedroom estate, it's all the same when it is yours. I have been truly blessed the past few months, I've been the recipient of love and grace from God, and the receiver of countless words of encouragement from friends. I never put much stock in friendship, I am what my grandmother called a loner, but the relationships I have nurtured through Facebook and in real life the past 6 months are priceless.

I have lost some people whom I thought were friends, but thats a part of life and growing. By far I have had a very positive experiences with friends, and that has helped me to recover form my hardship.

Now for the update on my situation after resolving the homeless issue....
I have my apartment decorated, as far as I intend to decorate for now. New bed, new recliner and love seat (not enough space for a couch), new TV and lap top and all the little things like towels, dishes, pot & pans...and so forth. I had to literally start all over again. So you see, I have been blessed to be able to land on my feet after such a rocky start to the new year.

I am volunteering at the local food pantry, I would love to volunteer at one of the three homeless shelters but those places, even the best run of the three, make me sick in how they are operated. There is no concern or understanding for, or of, the homeless person, and they make you feel worthless and useless. They treat you as if you are homeless because you choose to be, and that you are lazy and not hard working.

Once, a follower of this blog, left me some comments in the comment section, and he appeared to be telling me that the local area homeless shelters were not to blame for my predicament, that they were here to assist and provide resources. I strongly disagree. A homeless shelter should strictly be for the providing of a safe and stable place to live/sleep until you can locate housing and employment. Yes, I also have a problem with making us homeless leave to roam the streets all day long, from 7 AM to 5 PM each day, but at least they are open at night.

I also intend to locate a publisher to get this written daily journal published, if that is possible. America needs to read, get informed, understand how homelessness is OUR problem, all of us. Many of us are one to two paychecks away from being homeless, ask yourself, If you lost your source of employment or income, could you hold on and survive until you found another job? If you get sick and can't work, or are injured and don't qualify for workers compensation or unemployment...can you survive?

Let's all of us try to help at least one homeless person or hungy person or someone we know to be indigent. A warm coat you no longer find fashionable, canned goods you no longer have a taste for, old worn shoes, somebody out here has no shoes, those worn shoes would help. Those old blankets you are going to throw away, that used old ugly pot you no longer use, all those fat clothes you no longer can wear since your weight loss.

We ALL can do our part, something small to you is life changing to someone who has nothing. And those well off enough to afford this, pick up an extra tube of toothpaste, or an extra deodorant, or some wash cloths at the store the next time you are shopping...then drop these item off at your local homeless shelter.

After tonight, the posts here will become political, as it is vital to America and Americans that we elect POTUS Obama to a second term. Imagine this country if some backwards thinking RepubliCANT/teabagger who is worth a small empire, becomes the next POTUS. That can NOT be allowed to happen.
Thank you to all my facebook friends, those who have helped me with kind words, thoughtful suggestions and all their prayers and positive thoughts. A special thanks to all the followers of this blog, and those who have let me know they are reading and appreciate my struggles.

I leave you with two quotes I strive to live by at this point in my life.....
"Get busy living, or get busy dying".....& "What does not kill you, only serves to make you stronger"

"Disagree Intelligently, Use The Facts & Truth".

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