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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Weiner Fiasco.....

By Jueseppi B.

Since my return from being a Homeless Man In Cedar Rapids, to being a "normal" divorced man in Cedar Rapids, I have purposely stayed private on my political agenda/beliefs. Many probably appreciate that, some, a few, might not. This Anthony Weiner fiasco is mind boggling to me, and makes me wonder if America/Americans are really this stupid.

I am seriously considering leaving the Democratic Party.

I do not appreciate the total "throwing under the bus" of a fellow Democratic politician. One who stood up for ALL the Democratic voters. The Democratic Party is a party full of asswipes and chicken shit men/women who are interested in their own party agenda, not the needs/wants of the people who elect them. The citizens whom voted for Anthony Weiner did not ask him to resign. The voters, his constituents, wanted him to remain in office.

The outcry for Mr. Weiner to step down, came from his fellow Democrats.  How stupid are we as Democrats to kick to the curb, a fellow voice who fought for OUR Democratic agenda? I am dumbfounded over this development by our OWN party against one of us.
 If you care to do the research, go online and search for the members of our government, both parties, who have committed crimes while holding elected office...then search how many of those accused/convicted/indicted/busted politicians actually resigned. Or more importantly....how many were FORCED to resign.

I am pissed with the entire Democratic Party, from the POTUS to the former Speaker Of The House. If we can not, as a Party, support our members in Washington...we fail as a Party.
Weiner didn't break not one single law. Weiner didn't touch not one single woman. Weiner didn't hurt anyone but his wife and himself. He was stupid, and careless, and a moron....but,....to toss out one of the most progressive voices in Washington, over sexting?? 

We right now, have politicians in Washington, who have paid for hookers, stolen funds, misappropriated funds,  just broken the law outright. The Senate is currently investigating several of it's own for violations....BUT they are not asked to resign. America/Americans are so fucking stupid.

"Disagree Intelligently, Use The Facts & Truth...& Stay The Fuck Off Twitter/Facebook."


  1. I've been thinking a lot about this issue since it went viral, as Weiner has been my favorite politician for at least a year, and I respected and loved him and hoped that he might run for the presidency in 2016.
    However, once it was clear he lied to everyone, I lost my respect for him. But, since I was not his constituent, I kept my mouth shut when someone asked me if he should resign, and if pushed further, would simply bring up other congress members in similar predicaments that did not resign and are still sitting.

    This is a really upsetting issue for me, because I feel like he was the only one really supporting progressive values.
    I hope he lets things cool off then run again next election season.

  2. Thank you for this post Jueseppi B. I couldn't agree More! I had the Honor of being one of Rep. Weiner's constituents for the past 20 years and this resignation (due to his Own Colleagues) has greatly upset me. That he was Railroaded for an infraction of this level is Absurd, especially considering that many other politicians have committed far more egregious infractions-ones that Broke the Law and yet they were not investigated and several still hold office to this day! My blood is Boiling over this and I have told Nancy Pelosi what I thought of her terrible actions against one of the Best Congressmen in the Democratic Party.

  3. Jueseppi, I thought I would let you know, that so, so, many of us are great supporters of Anthony Weiner. Not just his constituents, nothing he has done has erased that. It broke my heart, but the media outraged me. Quite frankly it was none of any ones business. I am quite certain that Anthony has such a huge following that we will see him again very soon. I too was a Weiner 2016 supporter. He is so effective and such a loss to D.C. right now. You know why they tried to crucify him. He was magnificent to watch on cspan. Don't give up on Dems. I love my President. He can not get to involved, because you know what the media would do. They would be all over him. For now, it is Obama 2012 for me. Then once we have that democratic House and Senate, American will only then be on her way to prosperity. I love my Obama, Anthony Weiner, Bernie Sanders and Barney Frank. We have strong Democrats, we just need more. None of those Blue Dogs either. Too much work to do! Keep up the good blog.

  4. Bekki....He was a very strong progressive voice in Congress, which is why many disliked him, and wanted him gone. Hell, I would not be shocked at all to discover years from now Weiner was set up by the RepubliCANTS, to remove his voice from Congress, and to make it impossible for him to run for the POTUS. This whole fiasco is stupid, so stupid that I wonder if the woman was a plant.
    Weiner should never have resigned, lied about the tweeting, or got involved with the sexting. Just MY opinion.
    Thank U for following my blog....Liberals Rocks called my blog pathetic and called me a troll because I can think for myself...before they removed me from their Facebook page....so thank you for your voice.

  5. Carol,....
    I feel your pain and disgust and anger, because I feel the same thing.
    I agree with everything you said, but as I stated, I am very disappointed and disillusioned with this Democratic Party AND POTUS Obama. I would take a bullet for POTUS Obama, and his family,... but his remarks to Ann Curry, started this fiasco.
    I hope Anthony Weiner will be able to continue his service as a politician...his voice was one of reason and sensibilities many Washington politicians lacked.
    Thank U for following my "pathetic blog".

  6. Gabriela,
    Your post, like the others, made me proud. I think it is strange, and funny, that no MEN who are saying they support Weiner. Where are the men? I agree with you Gabriela, this while thing sickens me....
    The press is a joke...for instance, there is a Nuclear Plant close to a melt down far worse than the one in Japan, here in the U.S., because of flooding. Have we been told of this on the news? NO...but we are told of every politician who is involved in sex scandals.
    Thank U Gabriela for supporting my "pathetic blog".

  7. OF COURSE HE LIED. He lied for the same reason Bill Clinton lied: NOBODY BUT HIS WIFE HAD ANY RIGHT TO KNOW! And he knew that Americans are self-righteous hypocrites who would think no more deeply than to make a bad joke out of it and toss him aside. Anthony Weiner is a great leader. We don't have enough of those to destroy them over a few stupid photographs.

  8. (I should clarify that I am not the same Carol who posted on June 16 at 7:48.)

  9. Well it's good to know there are two different Carol's...but I am thrilled to have you both following and commenting.

  10. All I can say is I am deeply pissed at the Democratic Party, they acted like total wimps. I am ashamed to even be associated with this party.

    Hopefully by "NO"vember, they Democrats will have united and work to re-elect POTUS Obama.