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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Americans Are Idiots, & Arguing With Them Is A Waste Of Time.

By Jueseppi B.

I usually do not argue with morons and idiots about POTUS Obama and his many accomplishments. It is like pissing up hill and into the wind....you always end up wet, and smelling of piss.
Today for example, I had an educated, intelligent idiot tell me that POTUS Obama is responsible for America being in "five wars", and that he will not be voting for POTUS Obama again in 2012. He also mentioned he was depressed over POTUS Obama's term in office. And to back up this ridiculous claim....he posted a link to a very credible source....a right wing, conselfishservative, RepubliCANT article. Yeah, that will convince me all right.

A few point I'd like to make, some opinion, some fact based. For a corroboration of the facts, do the research yourselves, proof of POTUS Obama's hundreds of accomplishments are listed on websites all over the internet...including the official White House website.
First...America is currently involved in hundreds of conflicts all over this planet, not just five. Most were started when POTUS Obama was a child....living as a Muslim in Iraq where he was born.
These conflicts have been going on since WW II....Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Cuba, China, Germany, Laos, Cambodia, Russia, and a few places you have never heard of or would ever suspect. America is great at covert affairs.

Blaming this POTUS for ANY war, is as intelligent as blaming him for the many disasters, (floods, earthquakes, oil spills, the Kardashians, volcanic eruptions, etc), that have befallen this planet during his first term. He simply ain't responsible for shit that was set in motion when he was not even in office. I guess one has to be a Rhodes Scholar to figure that one out.

What he IS responsible for is providing things for ALL Americans, that will benefit ALL Americans, for centuries to come. If I were POTUS Obama, and FLOTUS Obama, I'd tell America, The United States Of.....to kiss my black ass come "NO"vember. Let America deal with Newt, Sarah, Donald, The Godfather Pizza Guy, that Bachman Bitch, and all the rest of the moronic RepubliCANT pretenders.
Did anyone actually watch that RepubliCANT debate the other night?? If you wanted to laugh and forget your troubles with some comedy for an hour....you should have tuned in.

Bottom line.....WE Democrats have work to do between now and "NO"vember. Us TRUE Democrats, not the fake ass, on and off the bandwagon, wanna be Democrats when all is going well Democrats. BUT the dyed in the wool, true blue Democrats. When folks, like this idiot I was engaging in a very silly conversation this morning on Facebook, claim they will NOT be voting for  POTUS Obama, I say goodbye, so long. Your kind won't get him re-elected anyway....MY kind will.

"Disagree Intelligently, use Facts & Truth....and no matter how tempted, never become stupid, like them."

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