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Monday, August 8, 2011

The Past Two Weeks

By Jueseppi B.

In the last 14 days we have had a GOPuke/teabagger/RepubliCANT group of Congresspersons hold American citizens hostage in order to further the destruction of America, in their admitted attempt to keep a Black American from re-election to the White Man's House....because he is a Black American. But there is no racism in America, no sir Massa.

We have had several different versions as to why Standard & Poor has lowered America's credit rating, even though Standard & Poor admitted an accounting error of Two Trillion dollars, but then said that Two Trillion dollar error in their accounting didn't mean a thing. I would not want these Standard & Poor folks to have my credit rating in their hands.

There was the Judge in Florida who just can't let Casey Anthony alone. He can't accept the juries verdict that she is innocent, so he is now attempting to say her probation, which she served while locked up, was a mistake, and not how he intended her probation to be served. Is not probation served, served probation, no matter where it is served, as long as it is served?? Just asking.

The Congressmen/women and Senators went on a five week vacation, leaving the FAA situation in limbo while they went off to play golf, and visit their mistresses/hookers....spending tax payers money. The same tax payers who they despise, whom they could care a rats ass about, whom they do not represent even though that is the job they were elected to accomplish, represent the voters.

POTUS Obama is the man who is responsible for the lowering of the AAA credit rating, because he could not get an agreement reached in a timely fashion. POTUS Obama is responsible for the Debt Measure Law not being what the left or the right wanted. POTUS Obama is responsible for the Chinook helicopter crash, because he has Americans in Afghanistan. POTUS Obama is responsible for the crash of the Asian, European & American markets, because he delayed voting, on the then Debt Ceiling agreement, by insisting that unimportant legislation be attached to the debt ceiling issue.

If you were on vacation the past couple of weeks...and just returned to the real world, you would assume, from the media reports, that POTUS Obama was a reincarnation of George Dubbya Bush.

Here is some advice for our elected officials in Washington. If you truly wish to get America back on it's feet....follow along. Tax the wealthy as you tax the middle and lower class. Repair America's infrastructure....this will create jobs. Raise taxes. The only tax break allowed, should be given to any company/employer that hires women, minorities, veterans, handicapped, AND keeps these jobs in AMERICA! Finally....remove the House Of Representatives altogether, they are useless. Cut the Senate's expense accounts in half. No pension, give them Social Security coverage at age 65 & Medicare, and a universal health care plan....then lets see how fast they wish to scale back on social programs.

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