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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Weiner Fiasco.....

By Jueseppi B.

Since my return from being a Homeless Man In Cedar Rapids, to being a "normal" divorced man in Cedar Rapids, I have purposely stayed private on my political agenda/beliefs. Many probably appreciate that, some, a few, might not. This Anthony Weiner fiasco is mind boggling to me, and makes me wonder if America/Americans are really this stupid.

I am seriously considering leaving the Democratic Party.

I do not appreciate the total "throwing under the bus" of a fellow Democratic politician. One who stood up for ALL the Democratic voters. The Democratic Party is a party full of asswipes and chicken shit men/women who are interested in their own party agenda, not the needs/wants of the people who elect them. The citizens whom voted for Anthony Weiner did not ask him to resign. The voters, his constituents, wanted him to remain in office.

The outcry for Mr. Weiner to step down, came from his fellow Democrats.  How stupid are we as Democrats to kick to the curb, a fellow voice who fought for OUR Democratic agenda? I am dumbfounded over this development by our OWN party against one of us.
 If you care to do the research, go online and search for the members of our government, both parties, who have committed crimes while holding elected office...then search how many of those accused/convicted/indicted/busted politicians actually resigned. Or more importantly....how many were FORCED to resign.

I am pissed with the entire Democratic Party, from the POTUS to the former Speaker Of The House. If we can not, as a Party, support our members in Washington...we fail as a Party.
Weiner didn't break not one single law. Weiner didn't touch not one single woman. Weiner didn't hurt anyone but his wife and himself. He was stupid, and careless, and a moron....but,....to toss out one of the most progressive voices in Washington, over sexting?? 

We right now, have politicians in Washington, who have paid for hookers, stolen funds, misappropriated funds,  just broken the law outright. The Senate is currently investigating several of it's own for violations....BUT they are not asked to resign. America/Americans are so fucking stupid.

"Disagree Intelligently, Use The Facts & Truth...& Stay The Fuck Off Twitter/Facebook."

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Americans Are Idiots, & Arguing With Them Is A Waste Of Time.

By Jueseppi B.

I usually do not argue with morons and idiots about POTUS Obama and his many accomplishments. It is like pissing up hill and into the wind....you always end up wet, and smelling of piss.
Today for example, I had an educated, intelligent idiot tell me that POTUS Obama is responsible for America being in "five wars", and that he will not be voting for POTUS Obama again in 2012. He also mentioned he was depressed over POTUS Obama's term in office. And to back up this ridiculous claim....he posted a link to a very credible source....a right wing, conselfishservative, RepubliCANT article. Yeah, that will convince me all right.

A few point I'd like to make, some opinion, some fact based. For a corroboration of the facts, do the research yourselves, proof of POTUS Obama's hundreds of accomplishments are listed on websites all over the internet...including the official White House website.
First...America is currently involved in hundreds of conflicts all over this planet, not just five. Most were started when POTUS Obama was a child....living as a Muslim in Iraq where he was born.
These conflicts have been going on since WW II....Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Cuba, China, Germany, Laos, Cambodia, Russia, and a few places you have never heard of or would ever suspect. America is great at covert affairs.

Blaming this POTUS for ANY war, is as intelligent as blaming him for the many disasters, (floods, earthquakes, oil spills, the Kardashians, volcanic eruptions, etc), that have befallen this planet during his first term. He simply ain't responsible for shit that was set in motion when he was not even in office. I guess one has to be a Rhodes Scholar to figure that one out.

What he IS responsible for is providing things for ALL Americans, that will benefit ALL Americans, for centuries to come. If I were POTUS Obama, and FLOTUS Obama, I'd tell America, The United States Of.....to kiss my black ass come "NO"vember. Let America deal with Newt, Sarah, Donald, The Godfather Pizza Guy, that Bachman Bitch, and all the rest of the moronic RepubliCANT pretenders.
Did anyone actually watch that RepubliCANT debate the other night?? If you wanted to laugh and forget your troubles with some comedy for an hour....you should have tuned in.

Bottom line.....WE Democrats have work to do between now and "NO"vember. Us TRUE Democrats, not the fake ass, on and off the bandwagon, wanna be Democrats when all is going well Democrats. BUT the dyed in the wool, true blue Democrats. When folks, like this idiot I was engaging in a very silly conversation this morning on Facebook, claim they will NOT be voting for  POTUS Obama, I say goodbye, so long. Your kind won't get him re-elected anyway....MY kind will.

"Disagree Intelligently, use Facts & Truth....and no matter how tempted, never become stupid, like them."

Sunday, June 12, 2011

What Homelessness Really Means.....

By Jueseppi B.

To be homeless in America, the richest nation on the planet, is a conundrum. How can a place, so rich in resources, cash,  and vacant unused real estate be full of homeless people? It's not just homelessness in America that puzzles me either...how can America have hunger/hungry when we Americans throw away, in the garbage, tons of food each day?? I worked in restaurants for over 26 years, most of those years cooking food for those who could afford to have me prepare the food for them. I have seen first hand, over 35% of food prepared in those kitchens I worked in....tossed into the trash at the end of the night.

Waste...should be America's middle name.
I spent the past week in Chicago, my first trip since getting my new apartment, and removing myself from the homeless population. I guess I look at all things differently now, I view everything through the eyes of a homeless man. This trip to Chicago was meant to be a reward for surviving the past six plus months of a life changing ordeal, but instead it was a constant reminder that homelessness is still out there, and rampart among Americans. On every block in Chicago, especially in the "Ghetto",  you will find vacant boarded up buildings, vacant lots, and property left abandoned and neglected. Just waiting to be occupied. Why are these places standing empty, when the streets are filled with homeless??

Why are Americans going hungry everyday when hospitals, restaurants, private citizens at home, supper clubs and fast food business's are throwing out and away tons of food each day? This baffles me. We spend billions, with a capital B, on wars, space exploration, propping up other nations and a host of other wasted issues on a daily basis. However we continue to overlook our human brothers and sisters, proof in point, most of us would feed a stray animal before we feed a hungry human.

I have been in this new apartment since April 6th of this year, that's just over two months. In this time frame I have decorated the place, gotten into a daily routine and started doing some volunteer work to help men who are in the same situation I was in for 86 days. 
I am a very blessed individual...without divine intervention I doubt I would have survived this curve ball of life. Again, I wish to thank all those who knew of my misfortune and who gave me words of encouragement, who were there for me, who never doubted my survival instincts, even when I lost faith in myself. Thank you one and all, U know who U are.

Let's all of us do something today to help a homeless person, and let's not forget the hungry.
Thank U All.