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Friday, July 29, 2011

Random Thoughts.

By Jueseppi B.

Salary of the US President - $400K. Salary of retired US Presidents - $180K. Salary of House/Senate - $174K. Salary of Speaker of House - $223.5K. Salary of Majority/Minority Leaders - $193.4K.
Average US Salary - $33K to $77K. AVERAGE US Military SALARY - $19.K to $22K!! AVERAGE Yearly payout to persons on SSI/SSDI - $8K. 
HELLO! I think we found where the cuts should be made!

Entitlement? I PAID cash for my Social Security insurance! Our benefits aren’t some kind of charity or handout! Congressional benefits—premium federal health care, outrageous retirement packages, 67 paid holidays yearly, three weeks paid vacation yearly, unlimited paid sick days—now THAT’S welfare! And they have the nerve to call my retirement an entitlement!

I wonder exactly how many Americans on Social Security, Disability, and Veterans assistance programs...how many serving in our military, are voting members of the RepubliCANT/GOPukes/teabagger Party?
The same Party who wishes to abolish/cut/remove these programs permanently? But more importantly...will they vote RepubliCANT/GOPukes/teabagger in "NO"vember 2012?

If the Nation defaults, and America does not pay the social security recipients, or the disability recipients, or our troops or all the others people depending on money the first of each month....DOES CONGRESS AND THE SENATE STILL GET THEIR PAYCHECKS???

Some Democrats are reportedly so upset with POTUS Obama's attempt to be a POTUS FOR ALL AMERICANS, by his diplomatic negotiations with the RepubliCANTS/GOPukes/teabagger​s,....that these "Democrats" are threatening OUR POTUS with NOT backing him in the 2012 Presidential election. 
I am curious....who the Phuck do they thnk will follow them?

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Diplomacy, Tactics, Critical Thinking, Logic, Common Sense,
Love Of ALL America = POTUS Obama.
Fuck Anyone Who Does Not Proudly & Loudly Support Barack Hussein Obama!!!

"Disagree Intelligently, Use Facts & Truth".
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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Say What???

By Jueseppi B.

I pulled this comment from a thread on a Facebook Group Wall,
(American Live Wire)
 I will comment after you read the wisdom of a Caucasian woman. 
I would appreciate all comments please.

Noeleen Cleary
"I dislike her because she's completely devoid of any sense of class or social graces whatsoever. As is her husband. Neither of them have a clue as to to how to conduct themselves in civilized or political circles without embarrassing not only themselves but also the people of the United States of America, whom they DO NOT represent as a whole.
I resent her and he both for that. Unfortunately, we the people have to be ashamed for him, her and their followers because they lack the ability to be ashamed for themselves.

To be crude...you can take the person out of the ghetto...

As I said, "to be crude". If Jueseppi wants to call that "racist", so be it. I'm not a politically correct person, not will I ever be.
These people weren't reared by their parents. They were drug up from the gutters and it shows in how they represent the American people.

Could ANYTHING be any further from the TRUTH???
Now in any society there is the notion that people are sometimes right in their thinking, based on facts and conclusions, and we don't have to agree with them, but they have a right to their opinions. In the case of Ms. Cleary, it is simple racism, hatred of a woman of color, and a disgusting need to make herself feel better, about herself by "attempting" to degrade a woman, far above & beyond Ms. Cleary.

FLOTUS Michelle Obama is everything Ms. Cleary can never be. Intelligent, compassionate, savvy, smart, beautiful, educated, graceful, classy, hot, sexy, erotic, and The First Lady Of The United States Of America.
I will not even attempt to defend Michelle Obama against the garbage this pathetic little woman typed, it is not necessary. Look at FLOTUS Obama's record. That Ladies & Gentlemen are the Fact & Truth, over lies & misinformation.

"Disagree Intelligently, Use Facts & Truth".

Homeless No More

By Jueseppi B.

My last installment on my Homelessness, any future blog's on Homelessness will be my attempts to bring attention to those who are still fighting in the daily struggle for housing, and respectability from society.
In June, of this year, I had my assets released to me. I "rearranged" most of my financial assets at the start of my divorce, to keep them safe from greedy hands. Some were frozen by opposing lawyers, and some I hid for obvious reasons. As of June, I am now solvent, and able to remove myself from all social services I was receiving.

Praise be to God for all my improvements and my survival during this adventure. Lets be very clear here, I could NOT have bounced back without God's guidance. Next mouth I will be moving out of this housing situation and into a new place....ALL because I am blessed.

I intend to continue to help Homeless men, women & families in the only way I know how, by giving food, volunteering time, and giving money to their cause & to them. I will always be Homeless, in my heart, in my soul, and in my thoughts. It is NOT something I can ever forget. There are too many Homeless, hungry, poor and forgotten people all over this planet who are ignored every day. Forget that "3 paycheck from being Homeless" garbage....most live from paycheck to paycheck....so 3 is a dream.

My thanks to SSI...SSDI....Food Assistance, and the Homeless Shelter's who actually helped me in getting the assistance I needed.  My thanks, and prayers, and help to those men & women whom I met along the way, and may you, each of you, get your lives back and become "normal".
I type this from a Hostel in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where I am on a fishing trip...something I never imagined four months ago. God is good.

As I think back to my adventure, which was unique in it's own right, I realize every Homeless person has a story to tell, each different. When you see one of us on the street, or walking by you, or sitting in your local mall....stop, ask them about themselves, listen to their story. It only takes a little time and cost you nothing.

Wipe Out Homelessness, Hunger & Poverty On The Planet....Just Do A Little Each Day.