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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Homeless No More

By Jueseppi B.

My last installment on my Homelessness, any future blog's on Homelessness will be my attempts to bring attention to those who are still fighting in the daily struggle for housing, and respectability from society.
In June, of this year, I had my assets released to me. I "rearranged" most of my financial assets at the start of my divorce, to keep them safe from greedy hands. Some were frozen by opposing lawyers, and some I hid for obvious reasons. As of June, I am now solvent, and able to remove myself from all social services I was receiving.

Praise be to God for all my improvements and my survival during this adventure. Lets be very clear here, I could NOT have bounced back without God's guidance. Next mouth I will be moving out of this housing situation and into a new place....ALL because I am blessed.

I intend to continue to help Homeless men, women & families in the only way I know how, by giving food, volunteering time, and giving money to their cause & to them. I will always be Homeless, in my heart, in my soul, and in my thoughts. It is NOT something I can ever forget. There are too many Homeless, hungry, poor and forgotten people all over this planet who are ignored every day. Forget that "3 paycheck from being Homeless" garbage....most live from paycheck to paycheck....so 3 is a dream.

My thanks to SSI...SSDI....Food Assistance, and the Homeless Shelter's who actually helped me in getting the assistance I needed.  My thanks, and prayers, and help to those men & women whom I met along the way, and may you, each of you, get your lives back and become "normal".
I type this from a Hostel in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where I am on a fishing trip...something I never imagined four months ago. God is good.

As I think back to my adventure, which was unique in it's own right, I realize every Homeless person has a story to tell, each different. When you see one of us on the street, or walking by you, or sitting in your local mall....stop, ask them about themselves, listen to their story. It only takes a little time and cost you nothing.

Wipe Out Homelessness, Hunger & Poverty On The Planet....Just Do A Little Each Day.


  1. what if every politician (rethuglican and democrat) auctioned their golf clubs and donated the money towards a homeless shelter?

    Wouldn't we LOVE to see that?

  2. Or if they just donated their greens fees for a month to a Homeless shelter...or a Food Pantry....very good to see you earthpeace girl...I love your name.