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Sunday, June 12, 2011

What Homelessness Really Means.....

By Jueseppi B.

To be homeless in America, the richest nation on the planet, is a conundrum. How can a place, so rich in resources, cash,  and vacant unused real estate be full of homeless people? It's not just homelessness in America that puzzles me either...how can America have hunger/hungry when we Americans throw away, in the garbage, tons of food each day?? I worked in restaurants for over 26 years, most of those years cooking food for those who could afford to have me prepare the food for them. I have seen first hand, over 35% of food prepared in those kitchens I worked in....tossed into the trash at the end of the night.

Waste...should be America's middle name.
I spent the past week in Chicago, my first trip since getting my new apartment, and removing myself from the homeless population. I guess I look at all things differently now, I view everything through the eyes of a homeless man. This trip to Chicago was meant to be a reward for surviving the past six plus months of a life changing ordeal, but instead it was a constant reminder that homelessness is still out there, and rampart among Americans. On every block in Chicago, especially in the "Ghetto",  you will find vacant boarded up buildings, vacant lots, and property left abandoned and neglected. Just waiting to be occupied. Why are these places standing empty, when the streets are filled with homeless??

Why are Americans going hungry everyday when hospitals, restaurants, private citizens at home, supper clubs and fast food business's are throwing out and away tons of food each day? This baffles me. We spend billions, with a capital B, on wars, space exploration, propping up other nations and a host of other wasted issues on a daily basis. However we continue to overlook our human brothers and sisters, proof in point, most of us would feed a stray animal before we feed a hungry human.

I have been in this new apartment since April 6th of this year, that's just over two months. In this time frame I have decorated the place, gotten into a daily routine and started doing some volunteer work to help men who are in the same situation I was in for 86 days. 
I am a very blessed individual...without divine intervention I doubt I would have survived this curve ball of life. Again, I wish to thank all those who knew of my misfortune and who gave me words of encouragement, who were there for me, who never doubted my survival instincts, even when I lost faith in myself. Thank you one and all, U know who U are.

Let's all of us do something today to help a homeless person, and let's not forget the hungry.
Thank U All.

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