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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Been Quiet Long Enough

By Jueseppi B.

Today's political climate is just stupid. 
First off...people are blaming this Weiner fiasco all on weak ass Weiner.....WRONG!! I heard a woman today type that Weiner is a "sociopathic lying predator with harassing behavior toward women". Wrong again.

I don't buy that "sociopathic lying, predatory with harassing behavior towards women" bull shit. If I'm NOT incorrect, this woman sent photos to this idiot as well. Remember....no man does his "sociopathic lying, predatory with harassing behavior towards women" all alone....cheaters cheat with others....if you cheat alone it's called masturbation. Women must take their amount of responsibility for getting involved with men they KNOW to be married, if he is married....it's your responsibility to walk away....unless you are a "sociopathic lying, predatory and harassing woman.

Weiner was wrong....wrong in engaging in this behavior while married, but more wrong in lying about it after the sexting was made public, he should have taken the knowledge of Bill Clinton's fuck up as a lesson....hold NO press conference because it ain't our business. Every human being on this planet deserves a private life, including politicians and celebrities. The only press conference Weiner should have held was to invite the nosy ass press to kiss his white ass.

There is far too much newsworthy shit that needs to be reported, who is sexting whom is NOT news. I do NOT care whom Weiner is sexting, whom Arnold has a second family with or what stupid female is all involved with married men, simply because these married men are famous.

Election time is at hand....we need to insure that POTUS Obama is re-elected to continue his work, and his administrations work, this agenda must be completed.

There is a complete circus of RepubliCANT clowns who are throwing their collective hats into the political  ring, who think they have the chance of a snowball in hell, of winning the POTUS because the current genius holding this prestigious position is a Black American. Yes I called POTUS Barack Hussein Obama a genius....check his accomplishments and how he accomplished them working against so much opposition...then disagree if you dare.

Men cheat, women cheat, humans are NOT monogamous creatures. They try to be because society says they should be monogamous...but evidence shows us, most humans are not capable of choosing one life long partner. If a snake bites you, are you surprised? When humans stray and are not monogamous...are we so shocked? All our politicians are human...therefore expect them to do human shit.....

Lets focus on the re-election of POTUS Barack Hussein Obama.

"Disagree Intelligently, Use The Truth & Facts".

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