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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Disappointment With POTUS Obama

By Jueseppi B.

Let's get right to it....If any sane person thought that by electing POTUS Obama to the White House, all your personal problems would be magically wiped away...If you thought you'd wake up on February 1st, 2009, and find all your concerns had vanished, and this great nation of ours, called The United States Of America, would be a perfect place to live....well, you are officially an idiot.

Take your disappointment and wipe your ass with it. This is the real world, not some rose colored glasses, fairy tale you read for your snot nosed, spoiled children. Get real. I read a post, by some moron in Facebook, yesterday how "disappointed he was with Obama", and how he voted for Obama in 2008, but will not do so in 2012. He then went on to say he was sick of "Obama's wars". This state of mind of some Americans is proof we, as a Nation, need to turn off the television, put down the game system controllers and turn on the computer for more than porn, shopping & social networking sites.

How in the hell can any war started by George "Dubbya" Bush, be thrown on the shoulders of POTUS Obama? Will some Obama hating knucklehead, please, using logic and common sense, explain this to my dumb Black ass? I do not get it at all. How can the problems, fuck up's, mistakes, bad judgement's, lack of caring or concern with corporate backing, of the previous 43 POTUS, be placed squarely on the head of this one President?? Do we not have enough brain power to recognize that POTUS Obama didn't create ONE problem we had years before he took office? Are we really this stupid to assume that because POTUS Obama is President, he is to blame for our misfortune's and our hardships?

Do you blame the neighbor down the street because you're out of work, or your heating bill is too high? Do you blame your paperboy because the OPEC nations have oil at all time highs, which we feel at the gas pumps?
I have reached the conclusion that America is a racists nation. Will always be a racists nation. Actually enjoys being a racists nation. Why do I say this? Simple. We elected a Black American to be President Of The United States (POTUS), and then we turned around and got disappointed because he didn't wave his magic wand and make us all better human beings.

There are websites all over the internet that chronicle the hundreds of accomplishments of POTUS Obama, do some research when you get finished with the porn, shopping, social networking sites and discover the many great things this POTUS has done for ALL Americans, not just the top two percent. If you can find some time to stop gaming, look up what has been done by RepubliCANTS/teabaggers to stop POTUS Obama from accomplishing even more. Read about the many road blocks thrown up to prevent appointments from being voted on in the Senate. Discover how these same RepubliCANTS/teabaggers have made it their "mission" to keep POTUS Obama from being re-elected....hell most have built campaigns on  platforms about nothing more than making sure this nigger does not return to the White Man's House.

The time is here for us to stop being a racists America. The time is here to stop hating POTUS Obama because he is Black. Yes I know you racists ass's say "it's not because of his skin color, but his policies". Did you hate Dubbya because of his policies too, because George Dubbya Bush is why we are where we are now. 
That line..... "it's not because of his skin color, that I dislike Obama, but his policies"....is the new "I'm not racists, I have many Black friends". 
Like I said, take your disappointment, and go pay your bills with that. Or...get off your ass in "NO"vember and vote Democratic.

"Disagree Intelligently, Use Facts & Truth".


  1. Ok my friend, I am with you, now tell me what to do. 1. Racism must end NOW. 2. Barack Obama must be reelected. 3. I am not too crazy about the Dems either, so we need to rebuild the party with forward thinking decent people.

    Other than talking to people one on one(which I do daily) I have no idea how to make these changes happen.

  2. I can't believe this, I posted a long response to you msMouse, hit "post comment" and it vanished.

  3. and of course this comment went right thru....

  4. Ok, lets do it again,
    MsMouse, ..there is only one way to erase racism, and that is with education. Racism was and is a learned attitude, it is not something we as humans are born with. Not one baby is born hating the skin color of another baby. We as parents, teachers, and this society in general, teach racism from the womb to the grave.

    In order for there to be no more racism, we have to re-educate this planet, replace hatred with love, bigotry with acceptance, fear and loathing with respect and understanding. And it has to start within the Black community. Door to door, one on one, face to face, one racists person at a time.
    I don't know your heritage MsMouse, but there is much racism in the Black community, starting with our so called Black leaders like Dr. Cornell West and TV host/author Mr. Tavis Smiley. Both of these men, whim I used to admire & respect, disrespect POTUS Obama.

    They think the President should be doing more for the Black community, even though it was ALL of America who elected POTUS Obama to the White House. He is the POTUS for ALL Americans, not just the Black Americans.

    It is up to US to cure the disease of racism, one racist at a time.

  5. How do you specifically make a change MsMouse....continue to do what you do, be safe doing it but continue to correct the twisting thinking of all racists people we run into daily.
    And pray for a world steeped in peace, and love, and understanding.

  6. Very well put Jueseppi. Thanks for your wonderful words. I very much respect and support President Obama and will vote for him again in 2012.

  7. I found this, just today...hopefully it will help us all.

    10 simple ideas to eliminate racism

    1). Don't laugh at racist, sexist, ageist, homophobic and other stereotypical jokes or assumptions.
    By laughing, you're acknowledging the joke is appropriate and encouraging more inappropriate comments. You can interrupt without being rude. Don't let your silence speak for you. Simply say, "I don't find that funny," or "I don't appreciate jokes like that."

    2). Make an effort to get to know people different than you.
    Look for things in common with other people and celebrate the differences. We can learn from and appreciate something about everyone.

    3). Learn about other people and their culture.
    By learning about other people, your life will be greatly enriched and your appreciation for your own culture will deepen.

    4). Think before you speak.
    Words can hurt, whether you mean them to or not. When describing a person, think if mentioning their race is important to the story. Do you refer to everyone from South or Central America as Mexican? If you don't know someone's country of origin, don't assume. Some people prefer Black, while others like African American. Some prefer Latino/a, others like Hispanic. If you're unsure which to use, ask. It's important to use the correct language.

    5). Be a role model.
    Be vocal in opposing discriminatory views and practices, especially with friends and family who respect your opinion. Don't criticize, but help educate others about issues and about your own experiences.

    6). Don't make assumptions.
    Do you assume that African Americans like rap music or that Asians are good at math? Stereotypes hurt everyone. Examine what your prejudices are and make adjustments to look at everyone as an individual.

    7). Explore the unfamiliar.
    Attend an organization meeting, religious service or travel to a new region where you are in the minority. For example, if you are Christian attend a Jewish service at a synagogue. If you attend an all white suburban school visit an inner-city multi-cultural school. This first-hand experience can be enlightening and give you perspective.

    8). Work on projects with members of groups different from your own.
    Working as an equal alongside others from different groups on a common project is one of the best ways to undo prejudice and increase familiarity with others.

    9). Be a proactive parent.
    Expose your children to diversity at a young age. Read stories that explain the point of view of other groups. Discuss TV shows, movies or books that present stereotypes. Children can benefit from knowing other children from different groups at very early ages, before prejudices and biases are formed.

    10). Support anti-prejudice and anti-racist organizations.
    Whether your efforts are in volunteering, financial donation or being an advocate, working with other groups toward the same goal can be beneficial to you and the community. You'll meet great people and find real support for your efforts. By getting involved, your voice can make a big difference at the local level.

  8. Thank you Eggy1943 , and kiran ....I appreciate your following this blog, thank you.