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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Erasing Racism Now...The Beginning.

By Jueseppi B.

I am no longer homeless, and I am no longer going to continue to tell the homeless story. It is a chapter in a life of ups and downs, but not the entire story. I am not a professional blogger, as a matter of fact, I am not a professional writer, so this blog may not be as grammatically correct as it should.

I have hated racism from as far back as I can remember, it is a disease that America, and the Planet must find a way to erase.  In my first blog, Erase Racism Now, I chronicled the way racism started, and how it has crippled America, so I will not go through that again. This blog will be about things that must be accomplished to erase racism, this blog will be about re-electing POTUS Obama, which I believe is the only way to bring the racists asshole who are in the forefront of making America racists, out in the open. This blog will also be about anything that fights oppression and it will be about helping our fellow man.

I hope that people will read this and pass the URL on to their family and friends. Only we human beings can reverse hundreds of years of oppression for people all over this planet. 

We have to make the first step, not our government leaders, not our religious leaders, not our community leaders, but US. You and I. The election of this wonderful POTUS has brought the racists out of the woodwork and onto the front page of every local and national news agency. Racism is no longer content to hide in the backrooms of corporations, hide in the closed bedrooms of our neighbors, conceal itself behind a smile from our church going friends. Racism is the new politically correct thing to be these days.
Time to move America, and this Planet forward, so that future generations experience love, peace, and a shared pleasure of human existence. I would appreciate any comments or suggestions or criticism you may have. But understand, I am opinionated, stubborn and very hardheaded, so do not be offended if I do not actually changes due to your suggestions. Join me, please, in Erasing Racism Now.

"Disagree Intelligently, Use Facts & Truth."

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