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Friday, June 24, 2011

Misunderstanding Homelessness

By Jueseppi B.

The following post and comments took place over a few days time, and points out the ignorance of Americans who are fortunate enough NOT to ever need, want or be without. This is not being used, as subject matter for this blog entry, to magnify this gentleman's ignorance, rather to show an example of the mindset of Americans. Now I have no clue about his religious background or his political affiliation...I can only assume from his attitude, but that would make me as mistaken about him, as he is about me. 

This is why Americans/America need re-education about their way of thinking, about their way of understanding other humans. No where in any blog post I have written, do I state any need for pity, charity or any assistance that I have not been paying my taxes into, for over 35 years. Homelessness, hungry, poverty or mental illness, these are things we have no control over, believe that, not one person I met along the way from homelessness to "normalcy" wanted to be homeless.  Going from homelessness to self sufficient in 84 days is not a record, of that I am sure, but it in itself proves that there was never any need to "get off my ass" because there was no time to ever get on my ass. Had this gentleman actually read the blog, and not one post, he might have comprehended that....or maybe not.

"Disagree Intelligently, Use Facts & Truth".

    • William Daniel No offense but why didnt Obama find you a house to stay in? Everything was supposed to be better with him in charge, so what happened? You arent alone and until things change it will keep happening.
      Yesterday at 12:15am · Reply
    • Jueseppi ReelectObama Baker 
      POTUS Obama was not responsible for my homelessness, so why should he remedy my troubles? That is the problem with you weak ass Americans...you expect someone else to solve your troubles.

      I won't even go into why government is NOT responsibl...See More
      Yesterday at 12:36am · Reply
    • Burt Singersmith wtf? You expect him to go door to door asking what they need?
      Yesterday at 1:38pm ·  ·  1 personReply
    • Jueseppi ReelectObama Baker Like I said, common sense and logic is missing from us Americans.
      Yesterday at 1:39pm · Reply
    • William Daniel lol Burt no, but everyone acts liek he is gonna save them all. Remember the Detroit money lines?
      17 hours ago · Reply
    • William Daniel Juesseppi I notice you have Ranger there on yoru profile picture, are you a veteran?>
      16 hours ago · Reply
    • Jueseppi ReelectObama Baker I am Mr. Daniel.
      15 hours ago · Reply
    • William Daniel Then you had no excuse to be homeless for 84 days, your depression kept you on your ass instead of out looking for housing, There are countless veteran organizations that will help you with counseling, deposits, rent, you name it and it isnt so difficult. VA is the biggest. Yeah not having a home will suck but it is quickly remedied because as a vet you have far more resources than your average citizen.
      4 hours ago · Reply
    • Jueseppi ReelectObama Baker 
      I won't bother to answer your post intelligently Mr. Daniel, that would be as asinine as wearing an Armani to mow the lawn. I will try to tailor my response so you can comprehend my words. The blog was written for two reasons, to inform a public, like you, that has no clue what it means to be homeless and to let other homeless people know there is hope and there is a way back to "normal". I would never need, want or take any advice from an individual who reads a blog entry, and misses the entire point of said blog entry. I have found it is always easiest to dole out advice when one is ignorant to the situation.

      Please do you and me both a big favor and do not even think of responding, mainly because talking to idiots is a waste of time. But I do thank you for your advice and assessment of me and my situation. Enjoy your weekend Mr. Daniel, and may the good Lord bless you and your family.
      7 minutes ago · Reply



  1. Misinformation is harmful to all human beings. Misinformation about peoples of color is harmful to all people. Having racist attitudes and beliefs is like having a clamp on one's mind. It distorts one's perceptions of reality. Two examples: the notion that "flesh color" is several shades of pinkish beige; the use of the term 'minorities' to describe the majority of the world's people.

    No one holds onto misinformation voluntarily. People hold onto racist beliefs and attitudes because this misinformation represents the best thinking they have been able to do at this time, and because no one has been able to assist them to change their perspective.

    People will change their minds and let go of ingrained attitudes under the following conditions:

    1) the new position is presented in a way that makes sense to them;

    2) they trust the person who is presenting the new position; 3) they are not blamed for having had misinformation.

  2. @Jane Pitts-Greer... Amen! Amen! Amen!

    Regarding mind changing... I learned a while ago that folks are who they are; how they were raised; from whence they've come until they venture out and encounter an emotional event enabling them to see how others view things... only then will change come.

    And, it would help if we began to use the term "race" only to describe humans... When folks do use the term "racism" it is bandied about foolishly as though "preference," "prejudice" or "bias" even is the same as "racism" when "racism" in and of itself comes from a place of power...the minority population...who keep most of the majority population confused and at one another's throats.

    When I hear the term "racism" my only thought is that of institutional oppression by the "haves," and usually those haves are those of the "old money" group (another conversation in an of itself). The one thing the "haves" possess is control no matter how it is manipulated.

    I am not a part of a minority population as a woman of color and I tell this to anyone who listens...I am from Mother Eve thus I am indigenous to this earth.

    The Berlin wall did not come down by accident; our relationship with Russia wasn't a result of missteps... all of it was planned and carried out by the "minority" population of the world... white men...when they discovered (and admitted) the truth...that "they" are the minority and they must band together.