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Sunday, September 4, 2011

"Say It Loud, Obama's Black & I'm Proud!"

By Jueseppi B.
Yes, I said it, "Say It Loud, Obama's Black & I'm Proud!" And YES, I voted for Barack Hussein Obama because he was Black. I didn't, however, cast my vote for Rev. Jessie Jackson, or Rev, Al Sharpton, when they ran for POTUS. Both of whom are Black as well, so that might mean something to the unknowing caucasian. I don't just vote based on color, you would have to be Black, intelligent, savvy, well educated, a natural born leader, diplomatic, a user of common sense and logic, a critical thinker, have high morals and be a family man, love and cherish your wife, and be a tactician, for me to vote for you if you were a Black candidate for President Of The United States (POTUS). Which is why I cast my vote for POTUS Obama in November of 2008.
Many might say, "you voted for Obama because he is Black?" To which I might respond, "you're damn right". If you caucasians, can vote for the past 43 POTUS, based on them being white, and if you caucasians can NOT vote for POTUS Obama because he IS Black...why the hell would you think I would not vote my preference,  for a Black American to sit in the oval office as President? Get real people, every single obstructionists,  parliamentary procedural, move made by the GOPretenders, has been based on race. When a caucasian says "I don't care if he is Black, I just dislike his policies"....that is code for "I don't like his skin color." Something like a caucasian arguing they are not a racist because they have "Black friends". Yeah, let one of those "Black friends" start dating your daughter!
Racial pride is something everyone should experience in their life time. The night, of November 4th, 2008, when all the news casts reported Barack Hussein Obama as the President elect of The United States Of America, and the media shots of the crowds crying in Grant Park, Chicago, that was racial pride. The feelings of happiness and elation, over dreams finally becoming reality, were spectacular. Some have allowed jealously & envy to get in the way of those feelings, but not I. Personal pettiness and those  trivial jealousies, have no place in this historical Presidency. This President has shown time and time again, by his achievements and his accomplishments, that he stands for ALL Americans, not just the Black American, or the White American, BUT ALL Americans.

So....Yes I voted for Barack Hussein Obama because he is Black, but NOT only because he is Black, had he been Jessie, or Rev. Al "DO" Sharpton.....no way. I take pride in my vote, and here is some news for all you who are aghast that I admit voting for POTUS Obama because he is Black......I am voting for POTUS Obama on "NO"vember 6th, 2012....Again. Because He Is Black!
Say It Loud...Obama's Black $ I'm Proud!!!
"Disagree Intelligently, Use Facts & Truth".

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