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Friday, September 2, 2011

Jobs....Who's Responsible?

By Jueseppi B.
I have been hearing a lot lately about jobs. Here is an estimation of just how many jobs are missing each year and other ideas about the unemployment rate in America. There is no doubt that jobs and the unemployment numbers of Americans, are on the minds of all Americans, those with jobs worry about keeping their jobs, and those without a job, of course, worry about finding a job. Here’s my quandary…exactly whom is responsible for providing jobs to and for Americans? Who do YOU think is responsible?
It continues to be batted around Facebook, that POTUS Obama is the worst POTUS ever when it comes to jobs. Another LIE told by the GOPretenders. Here is the person, the Wall Street Journal, labels as“the worst record on jobs on record”. I tend to believe The Wall Street Journal. So my question to you is this…Who Is Responsible For Creating Jobs? I think that responsibility falls to the private sector and to our local government, and NOT The POTUS. A President can sign legislation, to give federal dollars as an incentive to the private sector, to create employment/jobs. A President, with the help of Congress, can secure  funding to build up our American  infrastructure system, which will create jobs. A President can offer tax breaks to private companies as incentive to hire veterans, or minorities, or the handicapped. A President can come up with all types of plans to create jobs, but a President has no real ability to create one job on his own. Not one.
This is the latest fiasco of deflection of a phony issue, onto the shoulders of this POTUS. There was the “birth certificate” non-issue. Followed by the “religion” non-issue. Lets not forget the “Ground Zero Mosque”  non-issue, even though this place of worship for NYC, and it’s rather large Muslim community, was not near ground zero. Then there was the non-issue of his aunt being an illegal, living in America. Followed by the latest attempt to draw attention from important accomplishments, the dreaded “vacation” non-issue. All these “issues” were invented by the GOPretenders and the teaparty-baggers to keep the focus off the things this President was accomplishing, and the media was the ring leader. Jobs were not much concern for the RepubliCANTS while they were focused on any one of these non-issues.
So, you see, it is not about jobs at all, it is rather about race. I know….you say that I think everything is about race. Well, as was said by Snoop Dogg, “well ain’t it tho?” Race play’s a major part in every issue with this President, because things are being done daily, to this President, that have never been done to a sitting POTUS ever….in history. This POTUS has constantly fought for the American people, to have affordable, working health care, to have student loans deferred, to save social services from being hacked to pieces by the religious right, battled to have social security payments, veteran benefits, and all entitlement checks go out on time. All for the average American. So why on earth would he be the most hated on, the most talked about, the most disrespected, President Of The United States?
Skin Color….. NOT Jobs.
“Disagree Intelligently, Use Facts & Truth.”

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