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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


By Jueseppi B.

OK, I am a Christian, and that means I believe in Christ & his Father, God. I do NOT believe Religion is to be used by GOPretenders OR Democrats OR Progressives OR Independents OR Libertarians OR ANYONE, for political gain, or for use in any way other than God intended it to be used.....for your own private, personal salvation.

I do NOT believe it is my job or responsibility to "convert" you or talk you to Christ. And by the same measure of respect, I do not believe it is my place to bash, ridicule or degrade your beliefs, however they differ from my beliefs. You are an Atheists, or an Agnostic, I am happy for you. You are a follower of Islam, or a Buddhists, may your days be filled with peace and joy. What I am getting at here is this.....America was founded on religious freedoms, so I will not bash, degrade or belittle what you believe in....and I will demand, and receive that same respect from non believers. Or we will do battle.

I own/administer to a few groups on Facebook, and of course with them being "open" groups....all issues are out there for discussion. I find a lot of members like to blame religion in general for the few people on the "Religious Right" who are misguided about what religion is actually all about. Religion should never be used to gain a political office, religion should never be used to control anyone's sexual orientation choices, religion should never be used to beat people over the head to come around to your way of thinking. 

Religion is NOT Thor's Hammer. The Bible, is a book written by humans, it is subject to human interpretation and was NOT written by God or Christ. Your faith, or lack of faith, or whatever you choose to believe in, is YOUR business, not mine.
Using religion for ANY purpose other than your own personal private salvation, in my unhumble opinion, is against the Laws of God, and if you are a believer, then believe you will be dealt with in time by powers greater than I. 

God has told NOBODY to run for elected office, that is a lie. God does not punish people from the LGBT community, with natural disasters or HIV, that is a lie. God does not want Rick Perry or Michele Bachmann to be POTUS, that is a lie. I believe God wants us to live right, do whats right, and be an example for the youth by being right in how we live daily. Nobody is right yet, because we all are sinners before God. To be free of sin would mean we are perfect, and nobody is perfect. Well...Ms. Julie Kindle Driscoll is damn near perfect, but she smokes so....

My point is, when you who are NOT believers or who are not religious, but maybe spiritual, blame ALL religious people for the shameless foolery of a few whack jobs who use religion for the wrong purposes....that is just wrong. I, nor others who believe, are to blame for the religious right and their unChrist like ideas. Blaming every Christian for what the religious right does, is akin to me blaming every Caucasian for what a few white supremacists or racist are responsible for doing, saying and believing. I would be wrong, and so are you who place blame on ALL Christians for the Perry's & Bachmann's of the world. 

I hope this makes it clear what religion is all about for those who finger point and degrade Christians. To be a Christian is to be Christ like in your living. We are nowhere near being Christ like yet, we strive to be so each day, but we fall short and sin, which is why we need Christ/God in our lives. We choose to believe, just as other choose not to believe.

"Disagree Intelligently, Use Facts & Truth."
ObamaCrat, Pro ~ Con, Raging Liberals, VYC.

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