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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Primarying Obama

By Jueseppi B.
There appears to be a quiet storm brewing, to primary POTUS Obama. If you think hurricane Irene did some damage to the eastern seaboard over this past weekend, let these morons attempt to primary the President. TheDemocratic Party will quickly become the Divided Destroyed Democratic Party, formerly know as the Idiot Party. U can not primary greatness you fools.
This POTUS has 245 current accomplishments, all achieved in 954 days time, with the full opposition of both Houses Of Congress, depending on what issue is currently before which House. And you want to primary HIM? I hear all the stories of "disappointment" in this great man from all sides but especially from inside his very own ranks. How can anyone possibly be "disappointed" in a President that has fought for ALL Americans, against the elitists top 2% of Americans? Daily this POTUS fights for the middle class, the lower class and ALL of the Americans who fall in between. If you believe yourselves to be "disappointed" now, just wait to see what happens if you dick around with this man's Presidency, and allow some circus clown from the GOPretenders Party to gain the White House in 2012, I guarantee you "disappointment will be the last thing on your mind. Not one past POTUS, that includes 43 men, have had the opposition from all quarters, as this man has had against him from day one. We won't even get into the natural disasters, the man made catastrophes, and the fake, phony issues created by the tea party-baggers to distract us all from this POTUS's agenda. 
Some names I hear batted around as potential Primarying candidates areHillary Clinton & Bernie Sanders, Sanders is not even a Democrat! I think what it boils down to is the Democrats looking for that "great white hope". Once again racism rears it's ugly head. But let's concentrate on this Primarying thing...what message do you think Primarying President Obamawill send to the GOPretenders, and to every American voter who voted for Obama in 2008? No confidence in OUR President. If there is one man on this planet that I have full and unwavering confidence in, that one man is Barrack Hussein Obama, 44th POTUS. 
There will be no Primarying of this President. We The People will not stand for that garbage, that disrespect for this POTUS who has worked untiringly for US. A list of POTUS Obama's 245 Accomplishments, in 954 days, can be viewed here: 
I find all this Primarying talk as foolish as I find the GOPretenders running the current crop of circus clowns, as potential Presidential candidates. That hilarious group is a disgrace to the Grand Old Party. One more time in case you missed it above: If there is one man on this planet that I have full and unwavering confidence in, that one man is Barrack Hussein Obama, 44th POTUS. 
"Disagree Intelligently, use Facts & Truth."

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