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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Blocking Your Vote

By Jueseppi B.
I have been following this for weeks, and it is now time to make you aware of this new GOPretender/tea party-bagger tactic to keep POTUS Obama from being re-elected, “By Any Means Necessary.” Blocking The Vote….aimed at Democratic voters. College students are being singled out…the elderly are being singled out….Black American are being singled out….our youth are being singled out. The number of states that have passed legislation to block Americans from casting their vote, and thus denying Americans their civil right, are staggering. Blocking the vote  violates the United States Constitution.  
The total number of states that have passed some form of blocking the vote legislation, is at 34 right now, and this is being done in key states won in 2008 by now POTUS, Barack Hussein ObamaRepublicans are citing voter fraud issues as their reason to stop people from voting, but the argument is false. According to Salon.com, A Department of Justice document found that “between the fall of 2002 and the fall of 2005, there were only 95 defendants charged with federal election-fraud-related crimes in the whole country. Salon also reports that Republicans have been “using foreclosure lists to challenge the edibility of voters.” Are Republicans trying to influence the outcome of elections in their favor by passing block the vote laws aimed at Democrats? HELL Yes.The assault on democracy by republicans threatens the entire American political system.
Republicans in Florida, Ohio and New Hampshire are following the lead of other states in passing laws to block the vote of people who tend to vote for Democrats. For the past 40 years, Democrats have been able to report updates to their personal information when they went to polling places to vote. No more. 34 different states now have voting laws that will block the vote of people who have had a change of address, got married or divorced and changed their name, or moved because they are serving in the military. Additional changes cut early voting ballot time from 14 days to 8, and places profound restrictions on absentee voting, which heavily impacts military families. Some states have removed the option of voting on the Sunday prior to the Tuesday general election polling day. This removes the option open to many Black churches, who would mobilize their older congregation members, and provide rides to the polling places from their churches. Bottom line….less turn out for The Democrats, and POTUS Obama.
This assault on voter rights is unacceptable. Americans, WE, have to fight this with all our might, allowing the cheating, stealing GOP (Grand Obstructionists Party) to get away with cutting up the United States Constitution is down right Un American.
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