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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

99'ers....Part two

 By Jueseppi B.
 I published a post here yesterday, on the issue of 99′ers and their anger, and their fight to have unemployment benefits extended past the 99 week limit. That post drew a few comments, and from the comments, I immediately understood that many didn’t comprehend what they read….or actually read what I wrote. Unemployment Insurance was never developed to replace your job, or your salary. Thats why you only get a percentage of what you were making before you lost your job. I know this first hand because I was myself, unemployed. Unemployed Insurance (UI) was created to, and I quote…”The program has two main objectives: (1) to provide temporary and partial wage
replacement to involuntarily unemployed workers who were recently employed; and
(2) to help stabilize the economy during recessions.” In other words, It ain’t permanent.

All the bitching and moaning that the Obama administration needs to extend the UI benefits, is bull shit in my mind. Why? Because if you can not locate a job, and I mean any job, in 99 weeks, what is an extension going to do for you? 99 weeks is FIVE weeks shy of TWO YEARS. In one year, ten months and three weeks, if you can not find a job doing SOMETHING….you expect the government to give you how much more time??? What would make you unemployed Americans happy?? I would appreciate an answer too. How long would you consider agreeable, for the United States government to support you while you look for work? If 99 weeks, thats one year, ten months, three weeks, ain’t enough, what is??

You 99′ers are pissed at this POTUS, because he won’t push for extending UI benefits past 99 weeks. I do not blame him, how do you expect he will float this legislation to extend past 99 weeks, when the GOPukes want to cut Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, to line their pockets and the pockets of their corporation buddies? Think POTUS Obama has a magic wand? Wave it over both Houses Of Congress and it shall be done? Wake the fuck up.

There are agencies equipped to help assist you if you are out of work for the long term, welfare programs, food assistance programs, emergency food stamp programs, WIC for women with infants & children. There are emergency rent agencies, agencies that will assistance with utilities, free cell phone companies that provide free cell phones for the indigent. ALL these agencies set up to help you if you are out of work long term. UI is NOT set up for long term support, what part of that is unclear? There are jobs out there people, I see the signs all day long seeking workers, I will repeat it again….take that job you think is beneath you, accept a minimum wage job. Do work you didn’t go to college for, or find something with a lower pay grade than you are used to.

If you happen to be disabled, or out of work due to a disability, you already know there is SSI/SSDI available, and the process is lengthy to be accepted, so if you know you’re unable to work due to your disability, start the process to get accepted into SSI/SSDI immediately upon starting your UI benefits. Don’t blame government for your situation, if you are nearing the end of your UI benefits, thats 99 weeks of money, then you should already have a back up plan in place, this is YOUR survival we are talking about.

There were comments as to my political desires being pushed off on the 99′ers. Wrong again. NOT voting is not the way to bring about change, you want change to the UI regulations….vote in a POTUS who will make those changes. You want improvements and extensions to the 99 week rule…vote in a candidate who supports your desires. IF you can locate one. I seriously doubt you can. You don’t like the Obama administration….vote for the other idiots, and in a few years, lets talk about how America is doing. Lets see the outcome if the GOPretenders win in 2012.

I hope this clears up your emotional thinking process, and shows you that the UI program was never intended to support your unemployment indefinetly.
If you don’t think 99 weeks is enough support, then you tell me what is enough support? Just how long should you receive payment from the government, how long is enough for you to find a job, any job? And where exactly do you expect the money should come from, for you to receive cash payments past 99 weeks of unemployment?

“Disagree Intelligently, use Facts & Truth”.
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