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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The 99'ers .....Part One

By Jueseppi B.
The “99′ers”…..this is going to piss you guys off, if not all of you, I’m betting most of you. But then again, do I actually care about you being pissed off? No. I do not.
I got into a hot and heavy conversation, with a woman yesterday, who announced in one of the groups I administer and own with my partner in crime, Ms. Julie Kindle Driscoll, about her intentions to vote for every office on the ballot in “NO”vember of 2012, except the office of the President Of The United States. Now I can understand anger at being out of work, but to blame your work situation on POTUS Obama? AND would someone please explain to my dumb ass, exactly how protesting anything by NOT voting, accomplishes your goal? I mean, if you are not happy with the accomplishments of POTUS Obama, you think you will be thrilled with the Grand Obstructionists Party (GOP)?

Here’s my deal with you crying, whining, excuse making “99′ers”…..I have been on unemployment compensation, and I know personally how unemployment compensation works. The unemployment compensation system is NOT set up to provide you with a salary forever. Federal-State Unemployment Compensation (UC) Program, has two main objectives: (1) to provide temporary and partial wage replacement to involuntarily unemployed workers who were recently employed; and (2) to help stabilize the economy during recessions. The Department Of Unemployment Compensation, is NOT responsible or set up, for you being paid LONG TERM unemployment benefits.

I am NOT insensitive to the plight of the unemployed, or the “99′ers’. I am however, insensitive to people who say they can not find a job in 99 weeks. Why? Because I know there are jobs out there, I see “Help Wanted”, “Now Interviewing” & “Taking Applications” signs all over this small town of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, all day long. Problem is, these signs are connected with the jobs no “99′er” will accept. Fast food restaurants, car washes, waitressing, or bus boy, cutting lawn for a lawn care service, convenience store clerk, jobs that are unskilled, but still a JOB.
It is, however very easy to blame POTUS Obama, for your being unable to locate employment in 99 weeks. Blame POTUS Obama for everything that is rotten in your life, but that doesn’t make it true, now does it? There are many alternatives to sitting online in Facebook, starting up groups and pages to moan and bitch about unemployment benefits being extended. Bull shit. There is no need or point to extend unemployment benefits past 99 weeks. And here is the reason why. Jobs are available, just not the jobs you want. CNA…nursing homes are always hiring CNA’s, that is a “high turn over rate” profession. There are even some nursing homes that will train you free of charge, and supply you a position upon your passing the state CNA test, if you agree to work for that nursing home for a year, after getting licensed.

Then there are the jobs nobody wants, the manual labor jobs, such as day labor jobs. There are three day labor jobs agencies here in Cedar Rapids, who offer daily jobs for daily pay, which means you get to the office by 6am, they send you out to work, you finish the days work, you get paid. It is a temp agency for the unskilled worker, which is not the dream job you might have gotten that college degree for, or have been trained for, but it is a job. I find that the “99′ers” want the job they want, but that might not be a possibility, so take any job. Any job, even that as a bagger at your local grocery store, is better than not having a job period, and worrying about your benefits running out.

You are asking “how can he say that about those poor unfortunate people”? Because I was one of those “poor unfortunate people”. I spent three months, thats 90 days, from January through April, homeless. Thats being homeless in the dead of winter, out in the street, no roof over my head, no security of a home or a bed or a bathroom, no place to go when it snowed or rained or was minus 9 degrees. Never once was it POTUS Obama’s fault, nor was it his fault when I was able to get my life back together. Blaming this administration for NOT extending unemployment benefits past the 99 week limit, is as stupid as blaming hurricane Irene on this administration. AND even if it made good sense to extend the 99 week limit, which it does not, Congress would NOT pass legislation. The GOPretenders (Grand Obstructionists Party, or GOP for short) would block that legislation, as they have obstructed all other nominees, appointments and pieces of legislation since POTUS Obama took office. You “99′ers” looking to blame someone in Washington for your being unemployed for 99 weeks, and want more time to be unemployed, blame both Houses Of Congress.

In closing, I am asking this question of the “99′ers” who threaten to skip the election process, of voting for the Office Of President Of These United States, or ANY American who says or thinks they will NOT vote in “NO”vember of 2012, ….what exactly will you skipping this election process achieve, what will NOT voting for the office of POTUS, gain you or your family? What will being a coward and sitting at home, hiding from your civic responsibility, accomplish for your situation? Please help me understand?
“99′ers”….YOU better wake the fuck up!

“Disagree Intelligently, Use Facts & Truth.”
Pro ~ Con Raging Liberals VYC ObamaCrats


  1. Nice write up. Here in Kansas city I been off work for about 3 months. I have applied for fast food and tohers. Only 1 interview and I was told I'm wasting their time. I have friends who have not had a job in 3 plus years. They are now staying with friends, they lost everything. There are very few help wanted signs. I applied at Target 9 times. I got 9 emails saying I'm not qualified. I sure hope things turn around. I hate it when people say I'm lazy and need to get off my butt and work. I apply for work everyday. Good blog.

  2. No Mr. Johnson, you are not lazy, nor is anyone else on the unemployment list, the issue here is about 99 weeks being enough to find a job of some type, even if it is a part time job, instead of thinking unemployment will last for an extended period of time. I was on unemployment, and my case worker told me exactly when my benefits would run out. I was well aware that I had a certain amount of time before I would have no unemployment benefits coming in.

    I had to move to where work was readily available, to survive. This post is about the limit being reached at 99 weeks and what Americans must do to survive, because UI Benefits was not designed to be a long term solution to unemployment.