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Sunday, August 21, 2011


By Jueseppi B.

Bachmann, Michele: Her husband is gay, and together they run a clinic that re-educates gay men to not be gay anymore. This woman, from insaneville, has as much chance of being elected POTUS as Warren Jeffs....matter of fact, Warren Jeffs has a better chance than she does.

Palin, Sarah: does not know a single thing about the American government or how it works, she has no clue about American history, and is not knowledgeable about anything political, she has as much chance of being POTUS as a hooker has of keeping her thighs closed at a pimp convention.

Ron, Paul: is a known white supremacists...enough said, my dick will be elected POTUS before Ron Paul.

Cain, Herman: has angered the Muslim community, and the GOPretenders would never send a Black American to the White House...if they hate POTUS Obama for being Black, what makes this jerkoff think he can skate into D.C. as POTUS, this baffles me. Cain has as much chance of being the next POTUS, as a fish does of survival, after walking into the White House during a fish fry on a Friday night.

Santorum, Rick: or however you spell his name, wait, is his first name even Rick??....well thats just what I mean, nobody even knows how to spell his name....he is shit out of luck. His chances...slim, none and hell no.

Gingrich, Newt: I am sorry but America is NOT going to vote for anyone named "Newt" to represent Americans to the world. That and the fact that he is a loser, he can not campaign with no staff,  and his staff quit on him a few weeks ago...knowing full well he is a joke. Newt has a better chance of waking up Black and a movie star, than he has of ever waking up as POTUS in the White House.

Last but not least is Perry, Rick: a gun toting, "God told him to run", TexASS fool of a Governor who thinks his hair will win him votes, because he has nothing else to stand on but his hair...and a good tailor. He has driven TaxASS into the toilet, is singlehandedly responsible for the drought, and he seems to think he is the typical candidate with good looks and a smile, but his personality is dog stupid. He says the most ungodly ignorant things. Perry has as much chance of being POTUS as his hair does of getting mis-shapen going thru a car wash in a convertible.

All of the GOPretender candidates are lacking in leadership ability, knowledge about foreign affairs and basic politics. And ALL of them have uttered some of the most remarkably stupid things I have ever heard.
It sucks to be a RepubliCANT, GOPretender, TeaPartyPotHead, Conselfishservative these days I'll tell Ya.

"Disagree Intelligently, Use Facts & Truth."

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