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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Facebook Nazi's

By Jueseppi B.

This is going to be a rant and a vent against Facebook.
I am a small time blog writer, and I enjoy writing in my unusual blog style. I write a blog about politics and racism for another blog site on a semi daily basis. Which means some days I write, some days I do not. I always thought a writer should only write when you have something you know others will want to read. The great thing about writing is that you can make a reader see what you think and feel. Now for the bad part about writing a blog.
You write the blog, get it all polished and proofread and ready to publish. Then you hit the “publish” button, and cross your fingers in hopes it goes to every place you want it to go. See that’s the thing about blogging, if nobody reads your blog, whats the use? You need the blog you write, to be syndicated or published, to a ton of places so, the public will read and follow what you have to say. So…in order to get my blog to the most readers possible, syndication in Facebook is not enough, I have to manually post the URL of the blog to each group that I am a member of, or that I have “liked” as a Facebook member.

Now being politically connected to a lot of groups, I do believe the total is 615 pages and 41 groups all total. I don’t post my blog to all the pages or groups each time I publish a finished entry, I mix it up using different sites pages and groups. But I have to do each post to each group or page by hand, no one “click” method to reach the highest number of readers. Last Tuesday, after writing a blog entry, I went about my business posting to most of my groups and pages I either “like” or are a member of….abd all was well. Wednesday I logged onto Facebook to find a message from the Facebook nazi’s informing me of the following…..

“This Feature Is Blocked For You. As we notified you earlier, this feature is temporarily unavailable because you’ve been making spammy and irrelevant posts on Facebook Pages”. I was further instructed my punishment would be a 15 day ban from posting to any Facebook page or group.

Facebook is a social networking site, that punishes its members for being social. I know many Facebook members who are punished when they reach a certain number of Facebook friends, everything from being refused new friends request, to the script not working for your home page, to not being able to use Facebook at all until you “un friend” some of your friends. If Facebook created this social networking site for social networking, what is the purpose behind banning and suspending accounts of those who are social….in Facebook’s social networking site??
The past couple of days I have read of Facebook, because of pressure from members and media exposure, offering apologies to its many banned and suspended members, as well as lifting the ban/suspension. I have heard no such thing personally, and I am still banned and suspended. Well, sort of. I am a former computer “person” for the U. S. Military, so I know of more than one way around the Facebook Nazi’s. BUT many do not.

OK, That was my rant/vent….

“Disagree Intelligently, use Facts & Truth.”

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