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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


By Jueseppi B.

I have been watching, silently, the past few weeks as the Reich Wing, GOPukes, teatard-baggers and RepubliCANT candidates take nasty, unnecessary, unfounded swipes at POTUS Obama. And it is expected, as all of the circus clowns from that group mentioned above have no clue as to the integrity, intelligence and scruples of this man. It is after all campaign time, so the mud will start to flow from "that side".

What makes me so mad that I could snatch a knot in somebody, is the bull shit rhetoric that so called supporters of POTUS Obama spew from their mouths. Here's an example........

Marion Watts
Bill Maher racist tweeting again:- "Rick Perry says he's not sure if Obama loves his country and the response from President Wayne Brady is "I'll cut him some slack"? HIT BACK!" 

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Jueseppi ReelectObama Baker 
President Wayne Brady?? if you were any more disrespectful to POTUS Obama, I'd think you were a caucasian with racial issues. This man I voted for has more class and integrity than to lower himself to Perry's level. He Is The President Of The United States...not some back alley punk. He ignores the bull shit from the Perry's/Bachmann's/Palin's of the Reich wing as he should. Why give those morons credibility by responding? Wake the fuck up people...either get on board or get the fuck outta the WAY.
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Now with "supporters" like Ms. Watts, how can this POTUS feel anything but betrayal? As I stated in my response to Ms. Watts, either get on board, or get the fuck outta the way. Either support POTUS Obama 500%, or sit your ass down and watch history be made without your support. Either way....He Will Get Four More!!

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