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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Suggestion.....

Written By Jueseppi B.

The very moment you feel the need to whine, bitch, act like a small toddler who didn't get the prize in your happy meal you desired....and think of calling the Senate to tell them to "kill the debt measure bill"....before you make that call follow this advice from ME....

Why not wait until you are receiving a monthly check from the U. S. Government in the form of Social Security, either for retirement or disability before you call? Or how about you go join the U. S. Military, or maybe even become a Veteran, and need your monthly check from the U. S. Government, for your family, then make that call? OR...wait until you become a small business owner, dependent on a U. S. Government contract payment for your business, then pick up the phone? Here's an idea...before you call the Senate to ask that selfish inconsiderate question...get on General Assistance, or Food Assistance, or have a child in need of the WIC program or Medical Assistance.....then go ahead and make that call to the Senate, and ask them to kill this bill that insures YOU survive from month to month. Can U wait until THEN??

I swear, all you dissatisfied Progressives, Independents, Left Wing NutJobs, and unhappy Democrats....wake the fuck up. If you were directly affected by The Congress & The Senate's fucking around the past week and a half....you'd be singing a different tune.

"Disagree Intelligently, Use Facts & Truth."

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