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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Common Sense Says...

By Jueseppi B.

Common Sense Says....Casey Anthony.
She was found innocent by a jury of her peers, verdict of not guilty on ALL counts except "lying to the police". Now she is a free woman to live life just like you and me, get the phuck over her/the case/the trial. Time to move on to the next cause, that insane Nancy Grace hopes will pop up, so she can continue to get rich off the misery of others. This justice system, that you all love when it results in verdicts you agree with, IS the only justice system in place, love it as it is, or change it. JUST STOP CRYING WHEN YOU DON'T LIKE A VERDICT!

Common Sense Says....Debt Ceiling Fiasco.
In the past, the debt ceiling has been raised sixty (60) times, by former POTUS, and I'll bet you, your Kardashians coffee mug, that not one of you ever heard a thing about it being raised until NOW. Why now, for this POTUS, and not for any of the past POTUS who raised the debt ceiling?? This one is B.L.A.C.K. Plain & simple. Anyone that argues different, he/she is a racists. Never in the history of America, has a Congress balked at raising the debt ceiling, to pay it's bills on time. Not UNTIL NOW. Figure it out.

Common Sense Says....GOPukes & Their Candidates.
In all my years of watching politics, never have I see such a group of stupid, idiotic, moronic, clueless, uneducated, ignorant, uninformed, silly ass looking humans, running for this Nations highest office...The President Of The United States. I turn on the TV, see one of them talking, and after I mute the sound, immediately think to myself..."U gotta be joking". The RepubliCANTS, found the dumbest, most inept, group of circus clowns it could find. A friend suggested, that along with filing papers to declare your candidacy for public office, you must also file your "passing" results for a sanity competency test. I agree 500%.

Common Sense Says....The Rupert Murdoch Mess.
If you Americans believe the news, the newspapers, the news magazines and the internet garbage that circulates around the globe, WITHOUT first researching and investigating for yourselves....U Are Stupid. Everybody knew Mr. Murdoch was a corporate clown, as are the Cock (Koch) Brothers, who will do absolutely ANYTHING to make a $dollar$...so why act so shocked he got busted breaking the law and ethics? AND, Mr. Murdoch is not the only one....stay tuned.

Finally.....Common Sense Says....Global Warming.
You can believe the nutcases who tell you there is no such thing as Global Warming....then step outside your door...take a deep breath, and taste that heat and drought. Then look around the planet at all the unusual weather conditions. Weather all over this planet get more severe each year. You better wake the phuck up America.

"Disagree Intelligently, Use Facts & Truth".

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