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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Interesting....Very Interesting.

By Jueseppi B.

This post is specifically being written so it can post to my Twitter account, because I spend much more time in Facebook than I do Twitter, and there are a few followers on Twitter who miss out on what I post in Facebook. The two social networking sites are both connected to this blog.

So here goes....

On Wednseday during MSNBC's Morning Joe show, talking head Mark Halperin said that President Obama was acting like a "dick". Now he has been suspended and issued an apology.
Slave traders/owners had no clue when they imported Africans from the Dark Continent, that one day, those same slaves would multiply, and become a force to be reckoned with. They thought they could control the niggers....never realizing you can't control former Kings & Queens just because you kidnap them in the dead of night, steal them from their homeland and ship them away to a foreign land. Those Africans were forcibly brought to America to serve the Caucasian.

Now....the script has flipped, as the modern day poet, Busta Rhymes would say. Times are a changing....POTUS Obama is the key that unlocks all those doors. Who is in Control Now Boys???

Funny thing about this posting....I posted it around Facebook not as a blog entry but by hand to the places I have on my groups list and likes list...and the feedback was strange to me. Most by far agree with me, but some took exception with talking about the slave trade and the phrase, and inference, that the phrase, "flip the script" has. A few thought that bringing up slavery was counterproductive, and the administrator of one group thought that by using Busta Rhymes lyric, flip the script, I was suggesting Black Americans would now enslave the white folk.

This proves a point to me.... Caucasians are fearful of change because they fear that they will reap what they have sown. I have thought all along, that the average Caucasian is afraid that when the day comes that Black Americans are in control of their own destiny, and their own environment, we will "rise up" and enslave them as they did Africans. The problem with this theory is this, Black America and White America do not think the exact same way. If Black America thought and acted like White America...this planet would have been destroyed ages ago.

Rest your weary minds Caucasians, and anyone else who is afraid of Karma....Black Americans are not vindictive or vengeful. We have other things in mind, other goals and missions, that have nothing to do with enslavement of the Caucasian race. Power can be attained by intelligence, diplomacy, savvy, critical thinking, logic, common sense, and street smarts.....exactly hoiw the current POTUS is accomplishing his mission/goals. We don't need a slave ship.

"Disagree Intelligently, Use Facts & Truth."

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